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Manny Garavito

Manny Garavito
Lifelong Learner / Stand Up Comedian

Laughwise is all about the transmutation and evolution of information.

Remember watching Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood?

There was a point in our lives as children where information was transferred through joyful entertainment.

It's hard to imagine an updated form of education was no longer available as we aged.

Something useful, relevant and fun to watch.

As adults, we are bombarded by information on a daily basis.

And it is hard to keep up with it all when we have so many options to choose from.

Especially when some of them are enticing forms of entertainment.

And don't even get me started on the education system!

That's where Laughwise comes in.

I believe knowledge can be way more accessible to people if it where to be applied in a more humorous and entertaining way.

Over the years as I dedicated a life of learning and writing/performing stand up comedy, I've decided to make this form of infotainment possible!