The Difference Between Unprofessional and Professional Salespeople

Intentions Differentiate the Unprofessional and the Professional Salespeople

It's no secret that the most important factor contributing to the success of your business is sales. This what makes successful and professional salespeople.

Most of the times, you or your sales manager implements quotas to assure revenue is being generated into the company.

But if meeting numbers is your only motivation to closing a sale, you may just be losing focus on the most important quality: solving problems.

When you portray this quality about yourself as a salesman (or woman) the message is clear that the purpose you are in business is to provide win-win scenarios.

When you provide solutions, you are motivated to make a difference in the lives of your potential customers, and this can be shown loud and clear with your actions and communications.

Here is how to implement this value in your Sales ventures, ultimately separating you from unprofessional to professional salespeople.​​


Whenever you are presenting your product or service, there has to be a certain level of rapport to make your potential customer feel like they can comfortably listen to you.

Rapport is easily transferred through general enthusiasm.

A feeling you can share that this scenario can be beneficial to the parties involved.

Another aspect of enthusiasm comes from listening to your customers.

Show them general interest as you listen carefully to any inquiries, doubts, or potential problems they have.

This enthusiasm uncovers plenty of ground to go deeper into the interaction rather than a cliche sales pitch.

Knowing Your Product or Service

Speaking of products and services, a very special skill to have is know your product and or service very well.

All angles of what is truly offered when a transaction is made, from the moment or purchase to the long term.

And not just what is being offered as a product or service, but more importantly the desired results expected by your customer.

This may just be the biggest selling point as expected results are ultimately what your customer needs.

"Too many people want to get business, and not enough want to do business." ~ Manny Garavito

Pushy Sales People

This is what you want to avoid.

The person making you reach into your wallet and pay as soon as possible.

The guy that wants to meet his or her quota by any means necessary.

This is what gives most salespeople a bad rep.

Rest assured, it is very relieving to know you have the power to make a sale or not.

Saying no to a customer if your product or service is not the absolute best makes your conscious clean and your reputation even cleaner.

Your ethics as a salesperson is a very subconscious driver to being successful or unsuccessful in the long run.

Any winnings in the short term, will never match up to the value you create in the long term.


Apart from motivating a potential customer into purchasing your product or service is figuring out what your particular motivations are.

This will drive converts into intentions.

Meeting quotas, numbers, or revenue goals will not suffice in creating value.

Because it's a one sided way of conducting transactions.

And intentions can be easily read by your actions and communication.

Perhaps unconsciously, but you've seen these people before.

It's almost like you see the dollar signs in their eyes as they approach you with their had extended.

Or those that give you their business cards before they even properly introduce themselves.

Don't give in to just meeting your own goals, but to give people a sense that you want others to benefit as you venture into sales.

You are not trying to convince customers of anything. You're trying to show them how you are going to make their lives easier...there are no favors involved. It's a win-win for everybody.
~ Mark Cuban

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