What is Laughwise?

Accessibility to information is going to change our collective education.

Laughwise is a project where we contribute to our personal education with information and entertainment to enhance your learning experience.

There is an emerging term for it called infotainment.

Where the communication of education can make the learning experience more engaging.

My name is Manny Garavito and I am a stand up comedian and lifelong learner.

When I was young I remember television shows like Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow and Mr. Rogers.

These television programs enhanced the learning experience for me as a child in comparison to the methods of schooling.

Instead of repetitively writing words down to memorization, or drawing inside the lines, these programs engaged me with characters, scenarios and amicable hosts to guide me along.

What's fascinating is how this sort of infotainment has dwindled in accessibility for adults.

Wouldn't it be great if Big Bird still showed you how to do your own taxes, or Reading rRainbow suggested some good self help books.

Our education system in the US has failed to let us realize that we are all different, but the status quo of education doesn't change.

We all have different skills, talents, and interests.

Your education is the best investment you can make in your life.

To make matters even worse, there is an overwhelming debt most students take on in our education system for a degree that does not guarantee success in our careers or business.

Laughwise is a project to change the way we laugh and learn.

We are content creators, ecourse designers, and live seminar presenters seeking to make a difference in how we continue our education as adults.

So that we may hurdle over obstacles and reach our goals.

Whether it be in business or in living a fulfilling life.

Welcome to Laughwise.com, your new source of infotainment!

Have a look around!

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