Funny Book Review: My Life In Advertising and Scientific Advertising By Claude Hopkins

On today's episode of Funny Book Reviews, I share with you one of the most important books in advertising.

My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising are two pivotal works by author and advertiser Claude Hopkins.

These books are combined together in one, and has one of the most straightforward book covers I've ever seen.

The designer of this book cover might as well rip out a sheet of college ruled paper and used it as the cover.

They say never judge a book by its cover, but this cover leaves little to the imagination!

David Ogilvy, the godfather of modern advertising has been quoted as saying you must read Scientific Advertising seven times!

Here are some important takeaways on why this book is such an eye-opener for anyone looking to advertise their business ideas, without the worry of spending a fortune in advertising.

The Best Advertisers Are Normal People

You know what makes normal people so amazing? They get along with others.

Normalcy is an important characteristic to have when you are interacting with others.

Sounds crass, but its true - be as bland as possible, and just walk around to be accepted. You will get more insights on what makes normal people tick than any statistic.

And if you ever apply for an advertising agency, no need to show off your credentials or where you got your education from - all you have to do is mention what bars you go to and how long you can last in meandering conversations.


It's Not About You

Most business owners will never come around to admit that they are in business for the customers.

And the amateur advertiser will show their selfish ways by making themselves the focal point of an advertisement.

The only selfish person you should focus on is the customer themselves.

Advertising is a win-win scenario - but neither of those wins go to the advertiser.

All the benefits must be placed upon the selfish desires of the people you're communicating to.

To make matters worse, if you end up doing the dreaded mistake of advertising to gain, you are only advertising to yourself - and you're not likely to shell out the dollars to buy your own products and break even on your ad spend.

Would You Rather Be A Gambler Or A Scientist With Advertising Money?

The most important takeaway about these books by Claude Hopkins is treat your advertisements like a science.

If you ever shell out the big bucks without experimenting or gaining a detailed description of where your ad spent went - you are headed towards bankruptcy one ad at a time.

You might as well put up an ad that says going out of business soon!

Gambling with advertising will never amount to any sales, because this is a shot in the dark approach.

If instead you find an advertising winner - you can then place your bets on something that is already winning you a return.

Then just let the dollars fly until you see that the ads no longer work.

Set it and never forget it!

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